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            ?OUBACH Group technology center



            ? ? ? ?歐巴赫(OUBACH),源自法國的高端廚電品牌,在追求極致的道路上,不止于藝術的靈感和精湛的工藝,更汲取全球科技基因注入產品,使產品充滿人性溫度,以提升用戶體驗的幸福值?,F公司業務涉及智能集成電器、中央廚房、智能家居三大領域。

            ? ? ? ?歐巴赫在中國專注于高端智能洗碗機的研發和制造,擁有水槽洗碗機、抽屜式洗碗機和原裝進口洗碗機等產品,公司針對中國市場還推出集成灶和垃圾處理器產品。OUBACH始終堅持“高端、集成、專注、智能”的產品定位,在國內品牌影響力、提及率、認知度不斷攀升。作為國際專業的高端洗碗機制造商,現在產品已申請多項專利技術,為洗碗機領域做著重要貢獻。

            ? ? ? ?面對全球企業互聯轉型的關鍵時刻,歐巴赫公司帶來全新的集成化、數字化、智能化的新模式,讓我們的暢想不斷變為實踐。以人為中心,專注于技術創新、客戶體驗、供應鏈深度整合是歐巴赫品牌的基因?!耙驂粝攵鴤ゴ蟆?,融入客戶、合作伙伴一起打造“互聯、分享、共贏”的可持續發展模式,調動和共享更好的社會資源,為洗碗機市場的快速發展帶來新機遇。

            ? ? ? ?矢志不渝的創新精神,精細深厚的工藝技術,我們的工程師和專業團隊始終在不斷努力,用最新的技術和可觸摸的品質引領高端集成技術的發展?!敖承慕吃臁?,品質和質量是我們的生命,我們不會容忍產品上的任何瑕疵。未來植根中國,歐巴赫會以極大的熱情為中國消費者提供高品質產品和高水平的技術服務!

            Zhejiang auerbach integrated technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "auerbach")

            The Bach (OUBACH), the world brand of top class hutch electricity from France, on the way to the pursuit of perfection, beyond the artistic inspiration and exquisite craft, draw the world genes into science and technology products, make the product temperature is full of human nature, art and practical and economic, in order to improve the user experience the happiness of the value. The company's business involves intelligent integrated appliances, super kitchen and smart home. Aubach, who specializes in the development and manufacturing of high-end smart dishwashers in China, owns three major product lines: sink dishwashers, drawer-type dishwashers and original imported dishwashers. Auerbach has always adhered to the "high-end, integrated, focused and intelligent" product positioning, and has been increasing in domestic brand influence, reference rate and awareness. As an international professional high-end dishwashers manufacturer, we now have a number of invention patents, making important contribution to the dishwasher field.

            Facing the key moment of enterprise interconnection transformation. Auerbach brings a new model of integration, digitization and intellectualization, which makes us want to change into practice. Focusing on technology innovation, customer experience, and deep integration of supply chain is the gene of auerbach brand. "Great because of dreams", together with customers, partners, build "interconnection, sharing, win-win" mode of sustainable development, to mobilize and better social resources sharing, bring new opportunities for dishwasher market with the rapid development.

            Unswervingly spirit of innovation, fine deep processing technology, our engineers and professional team is always in the continuous efforts, with the latest technology and tangible quality leads the development of high-end integration technology. "Craftsmanship", quality and quality are our lives, and we won't tolerate any flaws in our products. In the future, auerbach will provide high quality products and high level technical services for Chinese consumers with great enthusiasm.